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Coaching and Tuition

Ryan has been racing for over 20 years and over those he has gained a lot of experience in various different cars and championships. Ryan started work as a motorsport instructor and driver coach when he was 18 years old and holds an ARDS grade A instructor license through Silverstone racing school. Ryan can offer a lot of invaluable knowledge and experience for any level of driver. Ryan has well over 3000 days of on track instruction behind him as well as race experience in karting, single seaters, sports prototypes and GT cars.

In 2023 as a driver coach Ryan's drivers won the Radical SR3 Pro Championship, Fiesta Junior overall, MK7, MK6 and Rookie championships as well his drivers achieving many race wins.


Driver coaches are an integral part of motorsport as they are in any sport. Ryan provides 1 to 1 tuition covering all aspects of car racing and how to get the best out of a race car and yourself. Whether you’re a track day novice or a seasoned competitor everyone has something to learn. It is possible to find seconds of lap time from your own driving instead of spending huge amounts of money on engine upgrades and aerodynamic changes to make cars faster to achieve the same result. A driver coach can help you unlock your own speed before upgrading the car to help the you get the most from it before and after upgrades.


Contact Ryan if you are looking to be a safer, more competitant and faster driver. If your looking to take your driving to the next level then Ryan can help you to unlock that speed. Ryan can make a tailored development plan to specifically suit your needs from year long tuition to coaching on individual circuits on a 1 to 1 basis.


Contact Ryan on:


Tel - +44 (0) 7825 234 841

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